Humankind is now fully adapted to this new reality; what should the next challenge be?

To put in a few words; we successfully adapted to this new reality, as usual. You first adapt when you are born; passing from the confort of ones mother’s womb to the cold world full of lights, noise, germs is traumatic for the newborn; buy we all adapted, didn’t we?. When you are a baby, you only eat, sleep, cry and soil; then things get more complicated; you start crawling, walking, babbling and suddenly you are in preschool fighting for the toy you want, craving for your classmates lunch and having to bear with a hysterical teacher (who is trying to keep 20 toddlers sitting in their chairs and working); but we all adapted, didn’t we?

Life is about adapting all the time and from my perspective, that is the salt and pepper of life. That is why when when life gets boring you start looking for challenges; because it is in our nature to challenge ourselves. That is why we run marathons, climb mountains, travel to other places, etc.

Year 2020 showed us that humankind can very rapidly adapt in a collective effort to continue in existence. Governments, companies, schools, individuals; almost everyone in the planet adapted to the new way of things; some now work from home, we all wash our hands more often, we spend more time with our families, we cook more, we fly less, drive less, etc.

But what is next? I guess acquiring collective immunity (either by vaccination or by getting infected). But my hope is that the next collective challenge is that we all acknowledge that there is a large number of human beings that live in extreme poverty with out access to basic things like running water, food, healthcare, education, shelter, clothing. If solving this problem could be our next collective priority; now that would really be adapting.

Happy 2021!

Born and raised in Monterrey, México. Lawyer specialized in corporate and business matters.